Frasers Property commits to net-zero carbon by 2050

05 Feb Frasers Property commits to net-zero carbon by 2050

The developer has signed the Better Buildings Partnership’s (BBP) Climate Change Commitment, which requires all signatories to publish a roadmap by the end of this year explaining how they intend to become carbon neutral in 2050 and to annually disclose their progress towards this commitment. It is also a promise to complete climate change risk assessments across all assets by end of 2022 and to disclose the energy performance of its assets.

The Climate Change Commitment has been signed by 26 companies whose portfolios are responsible for over 1.2m tonnes of carbon emissions a year.

Frasers Property UK signed the commitment after becoming the 33rd BBP member. The BBP represents a significant share of UK commercial real estate owners, signalling the industry’s commitment to sustainability in the built environment and demonstrating leadership in achieving carbon reduction goals.

“Sustainability is a key contributor to our success,” said Ilaria del Beato, chief executive at Frasers Property UK. “We aspire to create spaces and experiences that foster sustainable communities and a better environment for all, and aim to set industry benchmarks in building sustainable communities. This is why we have pledged to signing the BBP’s Climate Commitment.”

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